Wolf Haven International Shop


About the Wolf Haven International Shop

The Wolfhaven International Shop is a shop by WHI that is hosted on cafepress.

CafePress.com is the flagship brand of CafePress Inc. It’s where the world turns for unique products that express what people love most (on average, some 135,000 new designs are added each week). From the latest pop culture phenomenons and political scandals to favorite hobbies, activities, causes and interests, it’s easy to find one-of-a-kind designs and merchandise at CafePress.com.

Although I have kind of “adopted”  Wolf haven international, I am in no way affiliated with them, I do not get a commision or have any involvement with their charity or cafepress shop. All proceedings of the shop go directly to WHI and their animals.

Unlike the donation pages which only take credit cards (for now) the cafepress shop also accepts paypal and amazon accounts for checkout. Paypal accounts can be funded directly from your bank account without the need of a credit card, same goes for amazon.

A small example of the items and their prices



Click the image for it to open in a new page, then click it for larger version

The url to the shop is http://www.cafepress.com/wolfhavenintl

Besides the cafepress shop they have their internal shop. The items in this shop can only be payed for with Credit card but it has items you cannot find on the cafepress site


Have fun shopping and help the wolves

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