The great Con

The following text is my thoughts and ideas only, in no way I can prove any of my perceptions. I am not American, I am looking in from the outside. I will have missed many of the nuances of the US political system and everything I say below is based on what I have seen, heard and read during the Obama Administration and today. My sources are what I read on the major news sites and tv channels from the USA, the UK, and my own country. Be it using my PC, TV or old-fashioned newspapers. THIS is MY Conspiracy Theory but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

The Great Con


This morning, for whatever reason, it all got clear. It suddenly clicked, Trump…. made sense.


First, can we agree that where Miriam-Webster says money, this can actually be other things besides money as well?. Votes for example? or.. co-operation?


November 4th, 2008, Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States. This creates a hissy fit reaction among many Conservatives. Republicans in congress vow that this President will not get anything done so he will have just one term in office. This plan as we know failed. Despite heavy opposition Obama get’s things done. Troops came home from Iraq. Unemployment is going down A global rise in trust and respect for the U.S is visible. This all is done while he (and his family) are subjected to a constant barrage of hateful attacks and lies from far right to extreme right-leaning organizations and individuals including but not limited to politicians, media outlets, business people, and artists. (A Fox news comes to mind, a Ted Nugent, A Donald J Trump, A Rush Limbaugh just to name a few)

@012, Obama get’s re-elected. The right is going insane. They double down on the attacks and lies, trying to do anything to discredit the President and his family. Nobody is off-limits. His wife, his kids, everyone and everything is “fair game”. The Conservative group of people doing this s growing as now also those among them that had “I can make 4 years, he will be gone by then” are now joining fueled by the stories brought to them by the right-wing media outlets, blogs and “news websites” like Breitbart. Obama in the mean time keeps rolling on just fine even becoming more popular by Democrats and Foreign allies alike. Even the enemies are prepared to make deals with the USA and Obama get’s maybe his biggest accomplishments by striking a deal with Iran and restoring relations with Cuba.



So the time comes that new candidates will have to announce they will run for President and the GOP comes to a realization…… they fucked up, the fucked up big time. For 8 years they had focused on obstructing and demeaning their President and they knew one thing…. payback is a bitch. If they would win the elections, whoever would become President would get zero support from the Democrats in senate and congress… yep they made a major screwup of epic proportions. They needed a plan  BUT THEY HAD ONE ACE…… for 8 years it was known who would be the next democratic candidate. Hillary Clinton. And Hillary could be targeted, could be discredited, Hillary had made mistakes that could be exploited. Hillary…. could be defeated.

The Con get’s shape

Now they knew they could win there was still the problem of the Democratic party not wanting to work with the next President and even the Republicans knew that the USA could not have 4 or 8 more years of stalemate… a decoy was needed. They needed someone so bad, so repulsive, so disgusting to liberals as possible. Someone that stood 180 degrees to anything a left-leaning voter would stand for. And they had the perfect man for this job. A man who hated Obama had been on the forefront of the birther movement, a man that could be bought and didn’t care how many others got hurt as long as he would be the center of attention.


Enter Trump

When you realize what is happening now it isn’t even difficult to see. Trump is currently (arguably)  the most hated man in the world who is not designated a terrorist. During his campaign he has shown over and over again he doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone earning less than 500k a minute. That he doesn’t care about the elderly, the veterans, the children, the woman, the LGBTQ, the poor, the sick, the homeless, the animals (pussies exempt apparently) the environment and the allies of the USA. Meanwhile, Fox, Breitbart, Limbaugh and all the others that worked so hard to have Obama fall now got working on Hillary and Hillary was a much easier target. She had made mistakes, she had a worthy opponent within her own party and above all… she was a WOMAN.

Don’t effing deny it

If you happen to be a Republican reading this, you KNOW I am talking the truth, you KNOW many white conservative “Christian” males will rather die or vote for a racist misogynistic narcissistic egomaniacal piece of… sorry let’s not call names here ….SHIT, then having a WOMAN run the country. And you also know it is true that the woman in these relations have the right to vote, as long as it is what they are told to vote.

The trap closes

Trump get’s elected  “against all odds” (we know already the odds were actually in his favor) and he continues his “job” of being as inept, unqualified, obnoxious and stupid a President as possible. HIS payoff?


Who own’s Mar-A-Lago? right… Trump (or the Trump family, trust, whatever… TRUMP) Who are working for him… right his FAMILY. Trump has been making MILLIONS in the past weeks and he keeps racking them up as long as he is President. For “The Donald” this is the best and most profitable GIG in years.

The Pay-Off

So.. why what will this bring them. Well, my dear reader isn’t it obvious. Within a few weeks “The Donald” will resign (probably voluntary) and another Republican (I believe a Senator from Utah is now the most likely candidate, at least for interim President) and he WILL get co-operation from the Democratic Party if he proves to be any decent. And opposite Trump, even George W. Bush was a shining beacon of hope.

And this is bad why?

On the surface, you would think this would be a good thing. House and Senate will be functioning institutions again, legislation will be passed, judges confirmed etc. It also means that the elections have been influenced by outside forces. Yes, I know, Russia. Have there been talks with Russian officials by US officials.. sure there have been talks? I have no doubt about it. just being a racist misogynistic narcissistic egomaniacal piece of… sigh….. CRAP doesn’t constitute impeachment, They need to have something “solid”. So yes, Russia has helped out. What they gain? well… Gold, Oil, and Dollars of course. And besides all that, because Trump has been who he has been, the Democrats might even have a tendency to be more willing to pass bills they normally would have thought twice about just because “everything is better than Trump”

America has been conned out of fair elections from within, not from the outside at the cost of millions of taxpayer money

I really don’t care if you believe me, this is a great hypothesis, the greatest even, it is so great you get sick and tired of how great this is, this is YUGE and you should ask your Senator or congressman to have it investigated… discretely …. because… you know … it kinda sounds nuts… but that what makes it so possible and YUGE

the following image is The Donald approving of this message, everybody says so




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2 thoughts on “The great Con

  1. “I believe a Senator from Utah is now the most likely candidate, at least for interim President’ … I read something about this. Yet, the line of succession is Drumpf, Pence, Ryan … unless the impeachment touches them too.
    The problem is that the House (where Ryan ‘resides’) is where the impeachment process begins. I wouldn’t doubt that he may quit … I don’t think he can continue to take this … and it will be when he’s taken plenty of Americans’ money!! Arrggghh …


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