The Spiritual Socialist

I have said before that I consider myself a Socialist and a Christian. I think both Socialists and Christians might have a few objections with my views on both subjects though. Christians because my beliefs about what A christian is and what the Bible is about are apparently totally the opposite of theirs, Socialists because most Socialists are “political Democratic Socialists” instead of “Spiritual Socialists”

The first group of Socialists, the political or democratic socialists believe that socialism could be used as a political ideology much like Democracy and Communism forgetting that Communism is what you get when Socialism becomes political.

In fact, there is not much difference between a spiritual socialist and a Christian. Unlike our political counterpart we do not care about the rich being rich and getting richer. Unlike our political counterpart we do understand and agree that a ceo will make more than a line worker. We do not want or even need to take from the top. What spiritual Socialism is about is making sure the bottom of the list has a standard of life that is acceptable. A life in which everyone can go to a doctor, hospital or dentist without having to work 10 years to pay of that visit, a life in which a mother can go to a supermarket and buy food and baby stuff without having to wonder how to pay for the electricity bill while working 3 jobs.

A spiritual Socialist doesn’t care you have a $3.000.000 home, he does however want that those without a home get a place to sleep, a meal to eat and where possible work to pass the time and pay back to the community. This is not something that is just in the hands of politics, none of these things are. They are in our hands, they are about working together, about having empathy, compassion. It is about creating a better life for yourself by creating a better life for someone else. It is about respect and honoring the world around you, about treating everybody fair and with the same light.

That there are rich people is fine and there will always be “poor” people but with all our resources, with all our “peaceful” religions that ALL say to help our brothers and sisters that are in a lesser place then we are. With all this for us to use to our benefit we should be able to achieve that.Even while the rich are getting richer. It is not them that are the problem (in this case) but the general perception we have given to “rich” and “poor”. If the “poor” (what is  that 90% of the population? (everyone with an income less than say $150K?) stops blaming the rich and starts doing what Christianity, Islam and Judaism tell them to do then at least in countries like the USA and the Netherlands, Germany, the UK etc it will be possible to have an acceptable standard of life for everyone.

Don’t sit on your ass waiting for a politician to fix our problems, get out get involved, help your neighbor and brother or sister

Regardless who ou follow or if you are an evolutionist, in the end we ALL have the same ancestor, be it Adam and Eve or a Caveman. We are all family, we are all Brothers and Sisters, we are all ONE.

That is what Spiritual Socialism is about

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