A young man

One morning a young man was riding his bike to town when he was stopped by 2 soldiers. That morning terrorists had blown up a train and since the young man looked a lot like those that were suspected of the attack the young man was arrested and taken for interrogation.

Although the young man tried to convince the military he had nothing to do with the attack they figured that since the young man had the same religion, came from the same culture and was obviously in the area when the attack happened they kept him locked up for further investigation.

After about two weeks the young man was told he would move to a special prison made with the special purpose to house suspected individuals like him. Interrogations in that prison were hard and forms of torture where not excluded. Although they could never prove anything the young man stayed in that prison for almost 3 years until it finally got closed and the young man set free to be with his family again

A story about a Muslim no doubt? The prison being Guantanamo? No doubt the terrorists where Isis or Al Qaida……

Actually no, the story above is that of an uncle of me. He was a Jewish young man of 23 years of age on April 12th 1942 when this happened to him. The prison was called an “Internierungslager” and was located near Berlin, it was closed when Germany was defeated.

When WWII happen the whole world was in shock, how could the German population have elected Hitler as leader, wasn’t his anti -Semitism and hate speech not obvious enough, where the Germans racists? Was it something in the water? Regardless.. the world came together and US, British, Polish, Canadian soldiers and many more fought and died side by side on the battlefields of Europe. When the horror was over we agreed on one thing, this can and must NEVER happen again.

Now in the USA however (but also in other countries) a man has risen who’s hate, disrespect and anti-social behavior are eerie resembling those of Hitler, He has the same rhetoric, uses the same “solutions” is in favor of abolishing the Venetian convention agreements and is setting up brother against brother and sister against sister..

Remember what we agreed upon, NEVER AGAIN.  If you want to honor those that fought and died for all our freedom you will not vote Trump

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