I am worrying

I am not an American so maybe I should not say what I want to say but hey, you know me, fat chance. I might hit some nerves, I might lose readers but I am worrying

Through the years have gathered many contacts from the USA, many of them I consider friends, a few I even consider good or close friends without ever having laid eye on them, they cover both sides of the political arena, come from all walks of life, have all kinds of religions (or a chosen lack thereof) and all colors of the rainbow (well, I might be exaggerating here a bit)

I also see what is happening in the world and in the USA, part of that I discussed in my last blog but there is something that is worrying me much more than that

trump and the current state of the Republican Party. As you might know I am socialist, I should cheer seeing this going on in the GOP but I am not, there is no day without night, no yin without a yang, no left without a right. It is the only way to have all people in a nation covered as having a representative in the government. Sadly the current GOP is not that voice.

The current GOP is divided and dividing. They have a muppet as Speaker, a denier as presumptive vice President and then there is Trump PLEASE don’t call him orange, that is an insult to us Dutch especially when said about someone with a German heritage (No not war related, soccer)

However, war related…. are y’all stupid? Haven’t they thought you about WWII in school? Have you seen what is happening around that NRC? I have seen media of people there with flags baring a Swastika… ARE YOU INSANE?? Mr trump wants “special ID” for muslims in America

He wants to build a wall? He wants mexico to pay for it?

He calls Clinton crooked, I will not judge on that. Some say this some say that, she is not prosecuted.Trump however is another story himself. He wants to make American Great again but failed 4 times to make a business great, he wants to bring jobs back but outsources them himself. He talks about lack of integrity from his opponents but uses Music that is already known not allowed to be used. Sung by an artist that is everything the GOP hates. Melania I can forgive, she is simply not cut out for this kind of pressure but mr “You are fired” ? … sad…. so sad

When GOP members protested that their votes simply got changed they where ignored. different voices simply got smothered, former presidential hopefuls got booed. One of his advisers even suggested Clinton should be executed for treason, repeatedly. Haven’t you learned from ISIS and NICE? or is that… meh… France

One “Leader” from ISIS said “attack them on their Holiday” and there was one nutcase that said….. sure.

The French foreign ministry said on Tuesday that victims came from 19 countries, Algeria, Germany, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the United States, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine

One nutcase….. and you know by now…. nut cases aplenty in the USA. The danger does not come from outside but from inside and I am 100% sure that if trump becomes President running a GOP the way it is now……… the shit WILL hit the fan.

You thought minorities where mad now? It will be nothing compared to what will unfold both nationally is internationally. All the progress that has been made will disappear as snow in the sun. Relations with the Middle East will go to an all time low, many allies will be very cautious when help is asked, radical Islam will grow (Drumpf is the perfect demon for them) Troops will be sent, Soldiers will die. that WILL happen, I guarantee.

However at home you alienated countless minorities. Black people, Muslims, The LGBT community and their allies, Latinos and sensible smart woman. Now you have to deal with a few idiots from within those communities but if Trump and the GOP get their way that will be considered (and more important feels as) oppression, single idiots become angry mobs, angry mobs become an angry majority as these groups will join forces. You might have a new civil war on your hands with trump

So call me over reactive, rambling, incoherent, ignorant or whatever you like, I only hope I never have to type “I told you so”

I am worrying

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6 thoughts on “Madness

  1. I completely agree, and am worried too. “Make America great again” is code for “Make America white again.” The GOP is becoming very open about its racism–I’m not sure where it will stop.


    • Thank you hun, the things I saw and heard the past months are horrible and I believe many that will vote for him will rgret that later on. This man is a danger, he has the same rethoric as Hitler had…. there I said it.


      • I agree!! All my fingers are crossed, hoping that Americans have enough sense to stop this craziness!! I am worried too .. and so are many of my friends!! ❤ …


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