So…where did I go, what have I been up to

Oh…My…God….A post written by himself instead of a reblog…..he must be sick


Actually no, I am feeling fine thank you. But yes, I have been AWOL for a while. Both here as on Facebook and I had my reasons for it. A lot has happened in my personal life that made I had no desire to blog about whatever. I was not my happy self, my viewpoints got mangled and in some cases my fate in humanity was totally gone.

Good things happened as well though and new ways to unwind have been found. As a long time gamer I found my refuge in that and I went back to a hardcore gaming time. I have rediscovered a nice game called Train Simulator 2015 (currently, if you read this after Sept 17th 2015 it is Train Simulator 2016) And as always, if I get into something I get into it totally so I also went onto the steam forums and became an asker

How to do this, how to do that, why is this not possible, why is that happening. You know…the nosy Mav you have seen when I started blogging 🙂 As I am fairly good with computers and software it didn’t take long before I knew the inside out of the game when it comes to running it, keep it running, solving simple bugs and that sort of thing. My train driving is off course still horrible 🙂 As it stands now, I have created a few guides on problem solving, I “rediscovered” and remade the install tutorial for a “lost” route and I am fairly active in the steam forums. It can be nice to have a change of environment in real life and so that counts for a digital life as well.

I discovered Steam engines. Let me tell you how I hated them first. Getting a steam engine to run was an impossible task. Until I found HER

This is an amazing engine, it is the Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 made by Smokebox. This is by far the best simulated engine in the entire game. Almost every knob, lever and water glass works, it has over a hundred animations just for the cab and everything that moves when in cab view also move when looking from outside inside. All the windows open, the two doors behind the crew open. The tender toolboxes and water inlet open, the roof hatch opens, I can go on and on. There are a few ways to get it moving. There is the HUD version as shown in the videos that allow you to run it in a fairly simple way using the onscreen HUD. Still not easy but with some practice you can do it. There is also an advanced version, no HUD here, either keyboard shortcuts or actually moving what needs to be moved with the mouse is what is needed here. I am not advanced yet 🙂

Besides that there is the option to manually fire the engine or have that done by the automated fireman. The fact that not the default in game fireman is used but Smokebox made a special advanced fireman script for it should be testament on how difficult that must be….I don’t manually fire yet, that might be obvious

Another thing that I really like in the game are the US diesels. (Most) of the big US companies are available in game. Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National etc. If you happen to live in the USA you also have BNSF to your disposal. Although I do own a few BNSF it is no longer available for sale for non US players (not even Canadians) It might be clear, the community is not happy about this.

In fact, you might be able to help in this. A petition to BNSF and DTG (the developer of the simulation) has been made and you could help by signing it. Off course I fully understand if you don’t but I would appreciate it


I hope to get blogging myself a bit more as well 🙂 Till next time

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