Tutorial for Horty (and others that want to make a dvd of youtube videos)

At special request I will be posting a tutorial about how to make a dvd with YouTube videos that you can play on any DVD player. If any step is unclear please let me know. I will be hosting any needed software on my personal web space, it will be checked for spyware/adware and viruses, is always freeware and I give my personal guarantee that it is safe to use.

First, if you do not have the videos on your own pc you will need to download them. This is very simple if you use Youtubedownloader which I have right here  for you. It is a simple and straightforward process. Install and start the software and you will be presented with the following screen

(EDIT: it seems that users of Google Chrome encounter the “download is not save” problem. This is due to the fact that my site is not a download site with a gazillion downloaders. You should look top right and click the icon with 3 bars, click the “downloads” option and in the new window that appears you will have the option to trust the dwnload anyways. If  that still doesn’t work go to the official youtubedownloader and dvdflick sites and download the programs there. YouTubedownloader is at http://www.youtubedownloadersite.com/ and dvdflick at http://www.dvdflick.net/ )


Now go to the video page and copy the address from the address bar (or if You are Horty simply use the two following links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm9-9u-p434 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx-UY8A57YY ) Paste the first link, hit download and when finished downloading to the same with the second link. You can see in the download window where the video is saved too (the blue underlined location)

So we have our videos, now to make a DVD out of it. For this we are gonna use DVDFlick which I have uploaded right here for you. Again, download and install then open the program and you are greeted by following screen.



On the right pane you see a few options, one of them is called “add title” click this, browse to the location of the first video and open it, then do the same for the second (and if needed third, fourth etc). On the left side you see a vertical bar that will show how many space is left on a standard size DVD. When added the screen will look like this.



As you can see by the yellow bar on the left we have loads of space left on the dvd, If I where you I would add some other videos if available about you and MJ as well 😉 However nobody claims a DVD should be filled to the brim so if you choose not to it’s ok as well.

Next we will edit our project settings, to do so click the corresponding button in the program and a pop up will appear.


In this first screen all we want to change is the project title, this is just a title so you can find it back if you need to burn it again at a later stage. When done click the second option on the left labeled  Video


Here we want to set Target format to NTSC (europe use PAL, North America uses NTSC) when done we skip audio and go to Playback.





Here we gonna choose what we want the video to do after it played a title, do we want the next title to play automatically, do we want it to stop, go to menu. your choice, I would take the first option and remove the check mark you see with the loop option.  when done go to the last option called burning.







The name you give to Disc Title is what the DVD will see as the title of your DVD and what you will see in your pc dvd player if you put it in there so choose a good title here 😉 Put a check mark with the Burn to disc option, the verify and the eject options and click accept at the bottom, the pop up will close and you are done with the project settings.

Final step before burning is a menu, click on the corresponding button in the program (Menu Settings) and choose one of the available menu’s. Since we don’t have subtitles or extra audio leave those check marks blank, have autoplay menu checked.



I basically choose the menu theme I THINK you are gonna choose yourself as well Horty 😉  Now the final step, burning. Put a DVD in your drive (making sure it is the same type as in project settings, if you didn’t change anything there a standard writeable or re-writable DVD will do. Don’t use dual layer though.

Hit the “Create DVD” button and the following screen is presented to you



Now wait till it is finished. When it is done burning your dvd drive will open automatically provided you asked so in project settings in the burn tab. You can hit the button labeled “entertain me” in this last screen, do not hit abort. When hitting entertain me you are presented with a tetris game to keep you busy while the program is working.



All that is left now is to test your dvd, put it into a (non pc) DVD player and see if it is working as you want it to work.  If you still have problems or it doesn’t play….you know how to reach me (p.s as a result of this tutorial I will have an iso that I can if needed burn to a dvd, if all fails let me know asap and it will be coming your way however I think tis tutorial will do the job just fine, besides you will know how to do it a future time 😉 )

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