Don’t forget them now

For those who read this post as the first post in this new year I wish you a happy 2015 with lots of love, luck, prosperity, friendship and wisdom.

The holiday season has ended, the world turns to it’s normal kind of ugly face. It is during the holiday season that we tend to look a bit closer to our fellow human beings, that we tend to feel a bit more compassion towards the down and out in society.

For to many years I have seen that this ends as soon as this season of festivities ends. An addict becomes a junky again, a homeless becomes a pariah, people that have an illness like PTSD or Fybro or other “invisible” disseases should “stop whining” and so on.

Let’s try not to do that this year, let’s try to remain compasionate towards all that need our help, our words of encouragment, our comforting or just simply our presence. Let’s try to do “better” this year and see everyone as a worthy human being regardless of their social position

Buy that streetpaper once a month and if you already have it give that seller a coin or two. Open your heart enyour ears for those that need your shoulder and if you need a shoulder yourself don’t be afraid to ask. Let’s try to be more…human.

We live in this world together, we can’t do it alone. Spread some love around and don’t forget those that are loved the least.

oh…and don’t forget the animals of course 😀

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Dutch, Pothead, Married since 1999, once homeless officially homed since uh...I guess somewhere around 2006. Music lover (anything but techno) Animal friend (in general, dogs and cats more specific, wolves rule though), Happy (most of the time) Pacifist, optimist but also sarcastic, cynical and philosopher (big word, if I find a better one....) oh... Gamer, PC freak, Software junky, bottom level hacker (lol i can "hack" some of my games but t.b.h others did the work, I just apply their knowledge) all around "can you fix my pc Martin" guy did I mentioned married?

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