Eric Garner. Grandfather. Gentle Giant. NO Indictment By NYC Grand Jury.

I am white as milk but I am shocked and horrified and my heart bleeds for the minorities in the USA when I see shit like this. TRUST Mr. Presiedent, must be earned and the only way to earn trust is by acting human, civil and responsible. I thought…no hoped… this kind of racism was a thing of the past but sadly I have to conclude that it is more alive than ever.

The Militant Negro™


Screenshot (2517)

I don’t have the words. Two “NO” indictment decisions in 10 days. Against cops who have committed murder against two unarmed Black Men. Welcome to The United States Of AmeriKKKa.

Barack Obama said today in hearing the no indictment decision, that our men and women who protect us have a right to go home at night to their families. He meant law enforcement. News Flash Barack,…Black Men & Women have a right to go home to THEIR families at night as well….instead of being murdered by those paid to “SERVE AND PROTECT.

Barack AND Eric Holder Gotta GO.


President Obama makes statement on Eric Garner grand jury decision

LIVE Coverage: No Indictment In Chokehold Death – “Justice For Eric Garner”

‘I CAN’T BREATHE!’ Eric Garner Case No Indictment!

Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the NYPD: What really happened?

Anonymous– #OpAnonVerdict. Justice is Coming…

Cleveland Cop Had…

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