Crazy people (graphic images, viewer discretion)

A few blogs ago I was talking about a lot of things that aren’t right in this world and I had some awful examples like Isis and ebold. However yesterday a new crazy thing came to light for me.

Somewhere in the states in a town called Racine A domestic dispute tunred into an execution. Apearantly some neighbors where arguing over some dogshit in a garden and somehow this was reason to send in a swat team. At a certain point during this a dog came out and walked up to the swat members, turned around walked a few steps back and got shot down by the cops

If you look closely at the 31 second mark, you can clearly see that the dog has turned around and was walking away. What else can you call it than an execution? And if you think that this is an isolated incident?

If you feel the need to speak out on behalve of ANgel, you can go to one or both of following petition sites or facebook page to ask for justice for this dog,

wtf is wrong with these people

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3 thoughts on “Crazy people (graphic images, viewer discretion)

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    There is little doubt that not all American police are fit for the job they are supposed to be doing. Killing defenseless animals is disgraceful as would be using the excuse that the police were in danger the only ones in danger are the defenseless animals and people and American police are armed to the teeth. Disgusting


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