Lol the Dutch way

Let me start by saying that this is not a blog about making you Laugh Out Loud using Dutch humor although I am not yet sure where this  blog post will lead. And since laughter is part of the subject along … hold on …. language… you might very well find a moment that you will Laugh Out Loud.

No I wanted to tell you something about our beautiful language called Nederlands or Dutch for you english reading visitors. And I wanted to start with one of my favorites LOL just because of a fun fact.Since we entered the age of the internet and mobile phones with text we have started using short text, abbreviations and smiley faces. One of the most famous ones of course being lol | ˈel | ˈoʊ | ˈel |  or Laughing out loud. In the Netherlands we might use it for the same reason  but not necessarily so.

In Dutch, lol is not an abbreviation, it’s a word and it means fun, no chit. You can hear a Dutch boy ask his friend, “zullen we  lol trappen” which means “shall we have some fun” and boys being boys you can imagine that lol trappen can be a ragged time. So, if a Dutch boy is having “lol” laughter might be involved but is not guaranteed just yet. However you can have lol in many ways and at all ages. Now the Dutch have made it a habit of adding something to words to denote different sizes. and/or age related items. For example boy is Jongen, a little boy is jongetje, you have a sister, we call that Zus, you have a little sister we call that a zusje. Lol has a similar thing we have lol and we have “lolletje” . Now, in this case it does not need to stand for “a little fun” perse. A lolletje can be a prank, however it can also be used in a denying way just like “that’s not funny at all” or “dat is geen lolletje”.””Funny” when used positive (“That is funny”) is not translated to lolletje but to lollig….or leuk….or grapppig… or maf…..depending on the context it is being used in

So you see, the Dutch have many words for fun and funny and one of them happens to be lol, and Laughing out loud definitely qualifies for the lol the Dutch way.  To end this I think I present you with several ways of lol in one go. The first act is imo the best one and if you decide to look them all I have to warn for some strong language and jokes. Thanks for reading, I had lol writing it

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