Congratulations my dear Patty

I noticed today that Patty from has won 3rd place in the Hebban Fantasy awards. I think this is a great accomplishment for a début and I must say that I am very very proud and a little sad as well. Imho she should have won first place but I am of course not entirely objective in this.

If you don’t yet know Patty I would suggest following the link I gave above to read some of her poetry, you can also buy her first poetry book (in English)  by following the info in my sidebar.alternatively you can go to said link I gave for info on her second poetry book

Patty got this third place price for her début fantasy novel Dragan Duma, zij die hoort (Dragan Duma, she who hears) which is the first part of a trilogy. I was supposed to proof read the second part and have done that for a big part of it, however real life has made it impossible for me to finish it yet. I can however promise you that the part I have read so far promises a great part 2.

I believe that an audio book of part one is in the making and I sure hope that her publisher will have the book translated to english asap because imho this is an epic story that much like the Potter series could become a favorite for young kids, teens and adults alike (heck, I am 46 and loving it my wife is 51 and hates reading but she had read the book in a few days.

I don’t want to give out to much spoilers (sorry you have to wait for a translation)  but I can tell you that the story tells about a young female called Jill who one day discovers that she is not just “plain Jane”. In fact she is not from “this plane of existence” at all. She finds herself in a world with dragons and comes to know that she will play a vital role for the future of this world and the creatures and people who are living in/on it. You will find many of the “default” fantasy ingredients like dragons, magic, evil villains (with their companions and beasts) and of course friendship and love but it is at the same time the story of a girl who never fitted anywhere, has no (well, a few) friends and struggles to find her place in life.

Patty dear, for me you are the winner with this book no matter what the rest voted for. I am sure you will have a bright future ahead of you as a writer regardless if you write your poetry or fantasy. Keep on the good work and as soon as I have finished the manuscript I will give my opinion (heck, so far I can’t find anything to “complain” about if you get my drift)

A little spoiler if I may which is a poem from “My Wings” click the image to go to the original post on her own site

Can’t resist


One smile from you

And I can feel the sparkle

It just makes my day

When you are playful


One look in your eyes

And my body starts to tremble

I am longing for your touch

It’s almost painful


One touch of you

And I will start to dazzle

I am going to lose my mind

That’s clear as crystal


One kiss from you

Is almost more than I can handle

The feelings that are taking over

Are so darn powerful!


And when I am alone with you…

Oh, I know I’m in trouble

There’s no way I can resist

I am just not able…

Just Patty

AWOOOOOOOOOOOHUGGGGZZZ dear Patty, love you lots

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6 thoughts on “Congratulations my dear Patty

    • Thank you, yes it is very well deserved, I don’t compare it with Potter just because she is my friend but because it is actually very well written. I can recommend her blog for sure if you liked the poem, she has loads more overthere accompanied with some great photos. The lady in the picture I posted IS Patty herself.

      Thanks for visiting, commenting and following. Much apreciated

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  1. Thank you my dear wolf brother! 🙂
    I must say that I was surprised to find myself in the top 3 actually! Especially because it’s a readers prize and I am not famous at all lol 😉
    It was a great event and I so love my award hahaha.
    Check out this link if you have some spare time, it’s my interview with Hebban about winning the third place:

    And I am of course very curious about your opinion on part 2 in this series! 🙂

    Love you lots and I miss you! ❤


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