Free advanced System Care Ultimate and Ashampoo Snap 7

Although I don’t write often about software I had to do it today since I discovered two little gems on the net today. These programs are part of my essential toolkit on the pc, I simply can’t do without them and today at least they are completely free of charge.

First the most worhtwhile one. Advance System Care 7 Ultimate:

Advance System Care by Iobit is a system maintenance program that allows you to maintain and secure your pc. It comes as a suite packed with functions, mst as part of ASC others as additional free download


Above you see the Antivirus screen. The antivirus is intergrated into the Ultimate version, besides definition updates no other downloads are needed. Keep in mind that Iobit is a newbe in the AV industry and that they use the bitdefender engine. I always use it as secondary AV because of that although is as good as MSE or AVG.


Next is the one click care page. All items are again intergrated within the suite. I would recommend though that the last 4 options are not used every time and if you have a SSD instead of the older HDD you don’t need to defrag at all.


The toolbox. Now here some explanation is needed.

  1. Iobit Uninstaller: This is an extra download, However the program you download is 100% free. It will make sure that there is nothing left from a program after you uninstall it. Some programs can leave a lot of rubbish behind after it has been removed and this takes care of that rubbish. You can also download and use this program without ASC, you can find it at
  2. GameBooster: This is an extra download and as the name says it is for gamers that want to have the full power of their system when gaming. Again also for use without ASC and completely free, find it at
  3. Driver Booster: This is an extra download for a program that checks your drivers if they are still up to date. This comes in both a freeware and a pro version. Be carefull when updating drivers, only update if you have problems with the old ones or if you are told so by a computer expert. for differences between free and pro and download location if you want to use it without ASC check the pro version will set you back $22,95 for 1 year/3 pc’s
  4. Malware Fighter: Although there is already a malware fighter inside ASC (which is basically the free version of Malware Fighter) there is an extra Pro version which has a broader search range and better protection. Again you can download the pro version and compare it with the free version at and the program is also usable outside ASC
  5. Start Menu 8: an extra download (or outside ASC) which gives you a program that brings the start button (windows 7 style) back into windows 8. It is 100% free and can also be found at
  6. Iobit Unlocker, ManageMyMobile and protected folder are also available as free download through and 100% free

You will find a few extra programs at the iobit site, they have an ASC for Mobile devices (Advanced Mobile Care) but only for android, they have an ASC for Mac called Macbooster, a random password generator (Although I think nothing beats LastPass ) and a smaller gamebooster called Game Assistant 2 which I will not link because it is inferior to Gamebooster.

As you can see in the screenshots there are two extra tabs. The Turbo Boost tab is basically a kind of gamebooster which you can configure for work mode and game mode basically giving you two sets of boost options depending on what you want to use it for. The last Tab is Action Center and it is nothing more or less than a place where they can present you with discounts on their pro versions of Malware Fighter and Driver Booster. However buying it from within ASC can give you a large discount ($3,99 for Driver Booster or Malware fighter ) And it can happen that you will get a pop up once in a while with iobit program advertising. These pop ups are rare and easy to dismiss.

Now, you have seen the screenshots right, they have been made with Ashampoo Snap 7

Ashampoo is a German company that brings a carload of programs from multimedia (players, burners, editors) to maintenance, an office suite, CAD software etc. However the program I really like is Snap 7, a screen capture utility with many edit option. You can make screenshots like above but you can also make screen videos like this one

Above video was made with Snap 7 and if you are gonna use this offer you might want to take a look at it. Ashampoo is notorious for their many emails, by many called Spam. However.. when you install any of their software you will give permission for that. Following above video will show you how to get rid of them right away 😉

You can find the freebie offer at

I would say…Enjoy

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4 thoughts on “Free advanced System Care Ultimate and Ashampoo Snap 7

    • Hi Ootje, welcome to my blog 🙂
      Yeah I should have mentioned it about the six month subscription, will adapt that a bit later today. As a frequent visiter and poster on GOTD you are well aware of how ASC wrks and I assume you posted this comment more for other viewers to see than because you didn’t know how Iobit works. I will clarify their way of working a bit more indepth later when I amon the pc. Basically for those reading the comments. When you install the main program you installl a core, the additional programs that are downloaded are those mentioned in my post. The programs that are also available outside of ASC. They are only downloaded and installed after you clicked on their item in the main interface making sure you don’t have to download more than you actually gonna use. The call back after uninstall I didn’t notice (what do you use to minitor that?) but I assume it is for a after-uninstall questionare about why you uninstalled the product as many companies nowadays do. If not, could you see which Iobit program tried to call home? ty 🙂


      • I believe the program is called ProcesUpdater and it was found in ProgramFiles\iobit.
        This was after removing all of Advanced SystemCare and after restart of Windows.
        I did use ASC sometimes and installed it today on a WinXp computer.
        It may work well, a lot of people do think so.
        But it’s not my cup of tea. I did a defrag of a disk: you see something about moving and after that no info about the work.
        Also it’s to dark for me(a personal opinion).
        I will use cCleaner, Defraggler, AVG. Most of the time that will do the job.
        Today I used Windows Repair 2.10.0 – because Win7-64 has a problem with Explorer, not IE. After repair Win7-64 wouldn’t start. win32k.sys error. I did see that error before and replace win32k.sys with the original one from 2009. This can be done in Safe mode or with a boot-cd


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