“Bring Back Our Girls” … Social Media!!

It Is What It Is

~~May 6, 2014~~

On April 15th, 230 School girls were kidnapped from the Chibok Government Secondary School by Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria.
All 230 are still missing.
This page was started by Ramaa Mosley to create awareness about the 230 school girls who were kidnapped from their dorm rooms by terrorists on April 16th. Our main page for news is facebook.com/bringbackourgirls – follow for updates. We also have a UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, DK, Germany, France page.~~What can you do?~~

People of Nigeria are marching in the streets to demand the rescue of the 230 school girls that were kidnapped. Starting now, let us march on social media.

2. Ask all of your friends to post this photo as their profile pic on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. These girls are our daughters.
3. Include on your wall a…

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2 thoughts on ““Bring Back Our Girls” … Social Media!!

  1. It really did not matter to me if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or not. The fact that Saddam used rape rooms to intimidate the people was reason enough for civilized nations to depose the regime. This is another case where the US ought to put “boots on the ground”. It would not be for oil or capitalism, but for real people.


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