Spoken Poetry: I’d rather be the moon

A spoken poem by my good friend Patty 🙂


Okay guys, time to try something new here! 🙂

I wanted to record one of my poems for ages now, just to see if I can lol.

So I did!

I hope you can understand me okay, remember that I am Dutch! 😉

A couple of days ago, I came across a quote that I love so much that I had to write a poem  about it because it’s exactly how I feel.

This is the quote, no clue who wrote it so if anyone knows, please share!


It’s a beautiful thought isn’t it?

Okay, now for my poem. I hope you will enjoy this!

I’d rather be the moon by Just Patty

Click to listen—>I’d rather be the moon

The moon

The sun will warm you

When you are freezing

Brighten up your day, burns the darkness away

Embraces you with rays never ending

The moon will guide you

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