10,847 days and counting

10,847 days Or 29 years, 8 months, 12 days, or

  • 937,180,800 seconds
  • 15,619,680 minutes
  • 260,328 hours
  • 1549 weeks (rounded down)

Did I mention that I am a pothead? I am a pothead and tripper for 10,847 days now. and it will be only 111 days until I have my tricentenial aniversary.

30 years on pot and hashish mushrooms and LSD (although the last two have become a rarity for me to use nowadays), it has been a journey and it has not been finished just yet. Many things have changed since I started smoking. For example, when I started, there was not a place in Holland where they cared of what your age was. Coffeeshops where not much around and in most places the pot was bought at a so called “House Dealer”. These were man that sold the stuff from within the privacy of their own homes and I can’t recall the number of times I came into such a house to be greeted by a bunch of very high and/or stoned people sitting around a table with on the table the following items.

Owning a gun is illegal in my country btw πŸ˜‰

It was during my stay in the smaller towns that I visited house dealers. When in Utrecht I always went to one of the most legendary coffeeshops in the world. No I am not talking about the Bullshit…uh…Bulldog, I am talking about Sarasani

As you can see, Sarasani was founded in 1968 and is regarded to be the first coffeeshop in the Netherlands, it was exactly 2 weeks older than me and I was born within about a 100 yeards from it. It was a place where everyone was welcome regardless if you bought something or just came in for free coffee, apples and a place to hang out. It was located in a warf cellar, small but long with a podium at the end and a big filmscreen on the wall behind the podium where 60’s 70’s and 80’s music was played during opening hours

Unfortunatelly Sara (as it was called in town) was closed down in 2007 after the owner was tricked by the police to sell a few kilo’s of marijuanna, this methode is, unlike in the USA, not allowed in the Netherlands but the judge decided to “overlook” that fact.

I am sure that with the way I have lived my life, without the Mary J I would have gone insane and would probably not have done the things I have done and achieved what I have achieved. I understand that for many people outside the Netherlands this must be a strange concept. Weed after all is a drug, a gateway drug no less….. that is what is being told and repeated over and over again, well it just ain’t true. It is totally depending on the person using it. Just like with alcohol, most people can handle it, some can’t.

Let us check a few myths to close my article

Myth: Holland and Portugal have legalized marijuana

Fact: The Dutch have never formally legalized marijuana. They have an official policy, since 1976, of not enforcing existing laws against possession of small amounts or coffee shops, about 700 of them, selling small amounts. But growing, distributing and importing pot is still a crime in the Netherlands. While Portugal decriminalized all drugs, that is not the same thing as legalization. Acquisition, possession and use of pot are administrative offenses in Portugal, punishable by civil sanctions such as fines or community service.

Myth: Marijuana use leads to dependence or addiction

Fact: It’s possible to become dependent on marijuana, but this only happens in a minority of the already relatively small category of heavy users. Research suggests that about nine percent of marijuana users became clinically dependent at some point, compared to 15 percent of cocaine users and 24 percent of heroin users.

Myth: Marijuana is completely harmless

Fact: Heavy use can be harmful. Since pot smoke is chemically very similar to tobacco smoke, heavy pot smokers are at risk for some of the same health effects as cigarette smokers, like bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses. Again, though, the risks are from smoking, which isn’t the only way to use marijuana. Another hazard: car accidents caused by driving while high, though the risk is lower than from drunk driving.

Myth: Marijuana is a dangerous drug

Fact: Study after study has found that pot is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, much less β€œhard” drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Sources: Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Psychopharmacology






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8 thoughts on “10,847 days and counting

  1. How did Sarasani operate before the Netherlands decriminalized? Some people say Mellow Yellow was the first coffeeshop, in Amsterdam. I’m just wondering around what year did they start operating (illegally?) and also legally. I’ve been to the Netherlands and everything about the country made me feel great.


    • Hi David. That is a long story which I might address in another blog article. Short version. Sarasani started out as a youthe centre with a house dealer and started in 1968 (illeggal). After the introduction of the official coffeeshop rules (which made Mellow Yellow the first official coffeeshop) Sara was quick to follow so they started legally in 1972 I believe just a week after MY.

      Welcome to my blog btw


  2. many of the facts cited are useful – still, it can be dangerous and it can be a gateway to mental problems of addictions to other substances or alcohol… just be careful and stay well.
    Blessings friend…
    ~ Eric


    • I totally agree with you. The fact that I smoke for almost 30 years should be a statement in itself that a dependency is also something you will get from Marijuanna. Depending on the person, his situation and his (or her) surroundings it can also be a step towards “heavy” drugs. However, unlike things like meth, cocaine and alcohol their is no physical dependency only a mental one.

      Thanks for your input πŸ™‚


  3. My routine included oceans of vodka besides the other substances to which you refer. Daily. Over 35 years. I am having a so much improved quality and appreciation for life now, however. Clean and sober 12 years.


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