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Today I had the pleasure of being able to meet a friend for the first time in real life. I know this friend through these blogs and facebook and in the short time we know each other she has become very dear to me.

Today I went to Den Haag (the Hague) to meet Patty van Delft. You might know Patty from the blog Petite Magique where she posts stories, poetry and poetrics. Since a little while Patty can call herself a published author as well. Recently she has released “My Wings”(see for sales and other info my sidebar) which is a collection of dark (her dark wings)  and light (her light wings obviously) poetry.,

Today, Patty had the official presentation of her latest achievement. The fantasy novel Drägan Duma: Zij die hoort (Drägan Duma: She who hears). I had promised to be there. Like I said, I consider her a friend, she is part of the Mod squad (the moderators of the facebook group Share your WordPress blog) and last but definately not least, she is part of the Wolfpack and therefor my Sister from another Mister

Getting there was an adventure in itself. I live about 50KM from her in Utrecht. This is a city in the heart of the Netherlands and thus we have about the best railway connection there is. Trains go to everywhere, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…….yeah…right. The NS (Dutch Railway company) had decided in it’s wisdom that today, one of the busiest days of the year, work would be done on several places. One of those places was halfway of the route we (me and my wife) had to take. For the rest we would have to take a regional bus. Well my wife is in a wheelchair, forget about that bus.

So I started to fear we couldn’t go when I heard the announcer tell about a different way to get to the Hague. However it would take 30 minutes more. Hey…30 minutes… I take it. And so we went off and arrived 90 minutes later in the Hague. We stepped into the metro/tram system and had to stay on until the end of the line, easy peasy right? Well… nothing is easy when I travel… about 5 stops in te driver announced that an accident had happened further down the road and he would follow an alternative route. A friendly elder couple informed us we could stay put, the new final destination was just a little bit further walk then the original.

Did I mention travel is never easy when I do it?……. right…. so about 15 minutes later the metro made a turn to a sidetrack and the driver announced: “End of the line for this one” . The elderly couple looked shocked and told us we were only half way. They told us they had to go the same way as we did and offered to show the way. We walked with each other for about 30 minutes, they were very kind people and told very interesting things about the streets we came and about the nearby beach. Finally they told us where to go left and right and we parted ways.

And so after following some simple directions we made it to the presentation just a little late…. say 60 minutes little late :(. I might have missed some official moments but we made it there 😀 Upon entering the room I noticed a table with two beautiful woman with in front of the table a line from Washington to Timbuktu

You know that slightly nervous feeling when you are gonna meet someone for the first time? Hoping that it won’t be awkward when you meet? The moment I saw Patty sitting there I knew that it wouldn’t be awkward, it wouldn’t be nervous, it would be two friends that finally met. Patty was by signing books but I think it took about 5 seconds until she noticed me standing at the door. A big smile and happy look came on her face. I howled and she howled back and I knew… there was my sis. I figured I would let her do her “work”with signing books, I looked down the line estimating how long it would take but Patty knew of no “continue signing”. She came right over to us and a big and warm embrace followed. Nope it was not awkward, it was like we never had done different. We had a quick chat, I gave her some gifts from the pack and she went back to signing, and I took my place in line.


While my wife was sipping from some tea, I had a cup of coffee while waiting in line, I think it took about 10 minutes and then it was my turn. I did a little happy dance (I did, you can ask Patty) and waited until she had signed and put a personal message in. Thank you so much Patty, it is my first book signed by the author and I am proud and honored that you be that author.


She told me to look for Danny because he was holding something for me. I found Danny in another part of the room. Danny is Patty’s partner, he is a friendly chap and when I met him I liked him right away, even more… my wife adores him 😉 We talked a bit and he offered to get us some cake, they had a great cake wit the cover of the book as decoration piece. After he got us cake, he came back a little while later and handed me another book. This was of course “My Wings” and again she had written something for me inside


I must say that a lot of people had come to celebrate with her and buy her books. I met a few facebook friends and some of her relatives. We had a cold one and after a while Patty had some more time for other people as well and she came to us to have a little talk. I have enjoyed our time very much and you made Lijda her day with that beautiful gift you gave her. Like I also said on FB, Kudos must go to Danny as well, boy did that man run for you today 😀


It was very nice to meet your dad, he obviously is very proud of you, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say “So..that is Martin” 😀 I honestly think Patty, that you have at least a few very good people around you and I am happy for that. I regret we came a bit late but I would not wanted to have missed it for anything in da world (cliche cliche lol)

For all you readers out there. If you can read English (and you are reading this blogso…) then hurry over to my sidebar and click the link in the widget about “My wings” . You like poetry and photograpy, you like My Wings 😉

Voor de nederlandse lezers van mijn blog raad ik het zeker aan om op de bovendste foto in dit artikel te klikken en dat boek bij Bol aan te schaffen 😀 Ik ga het zelf eerst lezen en dan een review plaatsen maar ben tijdens de terugreis al begonnen en dat smaakte naar meer. Zal een uitgebreide review plaatsen als ik klaar ben.


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7 thoughts on “About Friendship, Books and adventure

  1. Martin & Patty, Taking it all in like a newscast of the great event from The Hague!!! Enjoyed just hearing about it all finally! Congratulations to Patty! And wonderful you could meet up! Phil


  2. Thank you so much my dear brother! I am so happy that I have met you and your lovely wife. It was so awesome to meet you and hug you for real! And you did go through so much trouble to get there. I am so very grateful.
    Lots and lots of love and wolfie hugz! ♡

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  3. My dear Martin!!!! I can barely image your travails!! To have been there!! Thx for this post ….. It took me along with you!!! TY, my brother from another mother!!!


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