The end of an era … HECK NO. AC/DC and the rumours they would stop

There have been rumours that AC/DC will stop due health issues with 61 year old Malcolm Young. Malcolm Young is one of the founders and the rhythm guitar player of the band. The famed musician has had a stroke and a blood clutter in his brain and will most likely never be able to play again. Before I continue let me first express my wihses for a speedy recovery of Malcolm and convey my thanks for his contribution to our musical landscape. If indeed he will never play again he will be missed deeply by fans and music lovers worldwide.

Malcolm Young in his younger years

On to the rumours about AC/DC stopping because of this. A belgian news website reported that Brian Johnson has given the first official reaction on these rumours. A translated excerpt from this article reads:

The iconic rock band AC / DC responds for the first time on the rumors that the band would cease with it. Singer Brian Johnson denies the rumors about the end of the band in the newspaper The Telegraph . ” We’re going to act and make a new album . ” On the health status of founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young ( 61 ) , who after a stroke had a blood clot in the brains , Johnson would not comment much.
Johnson doesn’t deny in the interview that Malcolm Young is sick , but that does not mean the end of the group : ” I do not say much about it , but we will certainly continue. In May we meet again in Vancouver , we are gonna record our guitars , play some and see what happens. If anyone has ideas , we can certainly record it. ” AC / DC plans to do, alongside a new studio album , a world tour for their fortieth anniversary with forty performances over the world .


More than a month ago, Malcolm Young , who besides founding member was also co -producer and co – songwriter , got a stroke which gave him a blood clot in his brains . When the band came together earlier this month to rehearse for the new recordings , Malcolm discovered that he could not play anymore as before.


full-time home care
The Australian media company Fairfax heard from a friend of the family that Young’s condition has deteriorated so fiercely that his wife Linda and his family receive full-time home care . The guitarist is said to have returned from England, where they lived , with his family for Christmas    to Sydney , where he receives care at his home. He would have difficulties to recognize acquaintances , and also increasingly difficulties to communicate .


Although his brother and lead guitarist Angus is better known , AC / DC is certainly Malcolms band. Under the guidance of his older brother George ( ex – Easybeats and co-producer of AC / DC ), he started the band , and urgedhis younger brother Angus to join the band.


For four decades, Malcolm is the quiet force and leader of the band. He co-wrote all the classics and watched over the reputation of the band . His devotion was so great that he often we into a fistfight in the studio with Angus in the seventies when disagreements over a particular sound or guitar riff emerged .


For their American tour in 1988 Malcolm , who by then was in rehab from his alcoholism , was replaced by Stevie Young, the son of Alex Young , the other brother of Malcolm and Angus .

So basically… the rumours are false. AC/DC will keep performing, their next tour will be played and millions of fans will be able to see them. Taken in account the age of the members of the band it might be your last chance so if you are a fan and the band is performing somewhere near you, go and enjoy, it might be your last chance.


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