Once upon a Gibbous Moon


I am sitting here deep in the night, my wolf is calling me. He wants to get out he wants to run, he wants to wander free.

His thoughts are roaming through my head, his fury makes me mad. His passion makes me laugh and cry, and crazy, foolish, sad.

Emotions are not this mans forte, by day they do not bloom. At night it is a different song at night there is the moon.

A howl, A cry a whispering. The moon is shining bright. A gibbous moon is all I need to see things in new light.

The moon is full in just four nights and I can’t hardly wait. Cause Full Moon is where I live, four nights I have to wait.

A werewolf that is what I’m called, They think I am insane and mad. Oh how I wish they walked with me and learn that I’m not bad.

Were guardians of natures pride, the forests and the fields. We guard the animals from the beast, it’s from manhood that we shield.

As man we are not perfect, as man we are the beast. As wolf we are in line with nature, we celebrate, we feast

Once upon a Gibbous moon a wolf was howling loud. Once he was man but now a wolf and he was feeling proud.

This was my very first ever attempt to write a poem.  please feel free to give some feedback


Have you ever heard the term “gibbous moon”, and wondered what it means? A gibbous moon is one of the phases of the Moon, when the size of the illuminated portion is greater than half but not a full Moon.

The period between a first quarter moon and a full moon is known as a waxing gibbous moon, because the illuminated region of the Moon is increasing from day to day. After it becomes a full moon, but hasn’t reached the last quarter, the Moon is called a waning gibbous moon.

Think for a little bit about the position of the Moon as it orbits around the Earth. When the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun, and the three objects are lined up perfectly, the angle between the Moon and the Sun is 0-degrees. But the Moon is orbiting the Earth. So when it reaches the first quarter, we see half the Moon illuminated; this is because the Moon is forming a 90-degree angle with the Sun. Above this angle, the Moon is considered to be a waxing gibbous moon. And then after it reaches 180-degrees, when the Moon and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, it becomes a waning gibbous moon.

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/20324/gibbous-moon/#ixzz2yXep7cCb

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Dutch, Pothead, Married since 1999, once homeless officially homed since uh...I guess somewhere around 2006. Music lover (anything but techno) Animal friend (in general, dogs and cats more specific, wolves rule though), Happy (most of the time) Pacifist, optimist but also sarcastic, cynical and philosopher (big word, if I find a better one....) oh... Gamer, PC freak, Software junky, bottom level hacker (lol i can "hack" some of my games but t.b.h others did the work, I just apply their knowledge) all around "can you fix my pc Martin" guy did I mentioned married?

10 thoughts on “Once upon a Gibbous Moon

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    • Thank you Patty I appreciate it. I guess for a first every I did alright. Funny, I am normally a pretty secure person when it comes to “speaking” my mind and when I blog about animals or causes I am quick with knowing what to say and what to write. Hitting the publish button is done quickly. However after writing this I have been staring to my screen, reading…re-reading and so on. I think it took me a good hour after writing this that I finally had the courage to hit that publish.

      I had a blast though writing it and like you said…it’s from the heart, well ..whizzy’s heart 😉 but since Whizzy and I are one…..
      It gace me a whole new view on those that write poetry and the soul searching it takes to come up time and time again with these “words of inner feelings” I can only hope there is more of this somewhere in me.

      To be honest, about three months ago I didn’t see myself as capable of blogging and now…. I am blogging, I started writing a story and lo and behold, even a poem fell out. It is not just thanks to myself but also thanks to you and doc and our other Wolfpack friends and thanks to all these other bloggers that I was able to discover this “writer” in me. I do thank you and all my readers for allowing me to find something I didn’t think I had in me. And I thank all my wolfpack friends for their love, friendship and encouragement. You will be squeezed and hugged vewwy vewwy tightly (within proper and decent boundries of course) next 19th 😀



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