Questions about writing fiction.

made an error in my title, should be fiction and not non fiction, corrected it in post title, can’t correct in url

So I have a story in my head for many years now. Or rather, the beginning of one. I am trying to write it but I have some concerns.

Concern number one. As an avid reader I have read hundreds if not thousands of stories and books ranging from Fantasy and horror to historical novels and even (don’t judge me) romance novels (called Bouquetreeks in Dutch). The problem with this is that when I try to write I find it hard not to take elements from these books. For example when I wrote my first epilogue draft I noticed I had elements of Harry Potter, Tolkien and Avatar; The legend of Aang in it. Now for writing a Fantasy novel it seems hard to me to leave out elements of Tolkien. After all he is the granddaddy of fantasy as we know it now but seeing elements of Potter and Avatar kind of gave me a shock. I don’t want that I want to be as original as possible (I think a common denominator for all writers yes?)

Concern number two: Writers Block. Although I have the story “in my head”, translating it to “paper”(or in this case a word processor) proves to be something completely different than creating something in your head. Not only the simple things like grammar are trying to put me off, also things like putting it down logically, timing and accuracy throughout the story (like if someone loses his eye in chapter one, he can’t have it back in chapter nine of course. When I encounter issues like that something happens to me. It’s like a drain pipe sucking up all inspiration and ideas and I experience what I think is a writers block. How can you avoid this… CAN you avoid this at all?

Last but not least. Readability. I guess for this I need prove readers? how does one find those people? are there sites for this? do you ask friends? How does one go about this?. For now I think I let my blog readers prove read my “epilogue draft” as I have it right now. It is a work in progress of course and I do not expect it to be finished any time soon but I would like to see if it invites you to read more and if it is “original” enough (no plagiarism and such) so here is the first draft of my epilogue


The Wolfrose (working title)

Fade to black

He was sitting on the rock overlooking the valley. Tonight all would come to a completion and his journey would come to an end. He glanced at his bag. Eight years it had taken him, eight years of searching before he had figured out the location of the last phial and he was just in time before his first octennial. Tonight he would find out, tonight they would all find out. Of course there were many among the Andersikken that thought that it was all just a story, that he would not change tonight. After all it was new moon. But even that fact made him different. Of course there was many more. He was the first among the andersikken that had retainned his sane, he had conquered the graving and mastered the elements, he was the first in history that had figured out the element of ether and tonight the last artifact would be gained and the transformation would be completed but for all that to happen he would have to undergo the innerung.

A short howl sounded to his left, shortly after followed by howls from all directions. He turned around to the fire and raised his hood. Two wolves came slowly towards him, their eyes fixated on him. He looked at his bow and knives beside his blanket. Theywould be of no use to him now. The wolves reached him and sat down next to him, both at a side. It was a comforting feeling to know that the pack would be there to protect him during his innering. He knew that the hardest part would had yet to come and there was no escape, either he would conquer his andersik or he would be conquered by it. He took his cup and slowly sipped from the tea. This could very well be my last cup he thought and a feeling of melancholy fell over him. He stared in the fire for a few minutes and then reached for his bag. Out came a little pouch and ccarefully he sprinkled some of the herbs that came out into his tea. Eight years he thought when he put the cup to his mouth and then the world went black.

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5 thoughts on “Questions about writing fiction.

  1. It’s okay to have elements of other books in your story as long as you are careful not to write ‘fan fiction’. (means you are actually copying the style and ideas of a certain writer) It’s almost impossible to leave out certain elements embedded in a genre. In fact, people who love that genre will look for those elements in your story.
    I don’t really have experienced a writers block myself, but it’s not something you should be concerned for before you even start writing. Let it flow naturally. If it’s in your head, it will come on that piece of paper as well.
    As proofreaders, I asked family and friends. Some who like the genre I write in and some who never read a fantasy book in their lives. And just so you know, I would love to ‘beta read’ your story. (English word they use for proof reader). ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the epilogue you wrote here: I am already caught up in the story so that’s good! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It has a nice tension to it already and the reader will get eased into the story without being bored to death. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Question: Do you want to write it in English or Dutch?
    Wolfie Hugz โค


    • I was planning to write in english, somehow the words come more easy than when writing in Dutch, I guess that is the main reason my blog is in English as well.

      You are certainly welcome to be a beta reader ๐Ÿ˜€ as is of course the whole wolfpack. I thank you for the comment as it takes away some of my concerns about using elements of other writers. I guess I don’t have to tell you that this might become a lengthy process but I am glad my draft is ot trash to begin with (after all it would be pointless to continue after that lol)

      Thanks for the feedback hun AWOOOOOOOOOHUGZZZZZ


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