25 Songs – 25 days day 6: Andalusia – Joe Satriani


Day 6, A song that reminds me of a best friend. The statement alone is weird at best… A best friend. For me, best is a singularity, there can be no two best hanging around especially when it comes down to things like friendship and loyalty. Whoever in life you considered to be your best friend, it they are not your best friend now some then they apparently they weren’t so “best” at all. So for me there could be just one person that would qualify as my best friend and that of course is my bro

When I think of bro and music there is a whole crapload of songs that could be placed here. I could have chosen reggea for example or Playing for change, I could have gone with Stephen Kent or with Anouk however I chose to do an instrumental from Joe Satriani because we both love his music and went to an awesome G3 concert where we listened to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Steve Morse . Whatever song I hear from that setlist it will remind me of our time at that concert. I have chosen for Andalusia because the song is pure genius

I am not doing this challenge alone check out the following blogs for more songs and interesting articles about a range of subjects. I am sure you find something you like.

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