A new award is here: the Cloak of Dawn award

cloack of dawn award

The Cloak of Dawn award

The idea behind this award: We all know bloggers that write about the issues in this world be it animal abuse, child abuse, equality, their family, love, friendship, the love of whatever deity they worship and so on. We also know many blogger that besides blogging has to take care of a loved one because they are sick, have a disability or are otherwise not able to do everything by themselves. For these bloggers I created this award. The award is named in the spirit of a voluntary care giver and mother that does not blog herself and therefore can not receive the award herself (see what I did there Shaun ? )

Why a cloak? well in Dutch we call a voluntary caregiver (as described above) a “mantel zorger” which translates literal to “cloak carer” hence the cloak and the Rod of Aesculapius 

This award has some special rules due to its intend. Whereas most awards are shared after you have gotten it yourself, this award will be free to hand out at each and everyone’s own discretion BUT you must make sure that the intend of the award is upheld.

DA Rules

1: Display the award on your blog, either on a special awards page or in your side bar

2: If you have a nominee yourself tell them of their nomination

3: make clear in your nomination blog why you have nominated the person. is it for his/her blogging or for his/her voluntary care that they give to their loved one / friend / kid / grandparents / animals etc etc

4; there is no limit on how many people you can nominate as long as the spirit of the award remains intact.

5: this can’t be declined 😉


My first nominee is often a bit overlooked. I don’t know if he ever received an award but that might be due to the fact he does not have his own blog but has a page on the blog of his loved one. He is a poet, artist and for what I have been reading a voluntary caregiver to a very dear friend of mine. I am talking about Danny from Danny’s Lair whom is sharing his webspot with Just Patty from http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/ . Danny, I don’t know you besides what I have seen on Patty’s blog but reading her blogs I know you are a true “mantelzorger” and therefore you fully deserve this award. YOU are the BOMB and I love you for it (in a manly way of course :D) I hope you will display it with pride and I hope that it will help you to get some more “fame” on WordPress.

My second nomination goes to DrRex from It is what it is. For those few people that come to my blog and do NOT know this sweet lady I suggest you visit her blog asap. DrRex ain’t calling herself Doctor for fun, She has devoted her complete professional career to the provision of medical care to those in need which includes work with/for veterans. She is also a blogger that is always spreading love, inspiration and knowledge and I can not think of a better person to present this award too. Sweet sweet Horty, this one is for you.

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10 thoughts on “A new award is here: the Cloak of Dawn award

  1. Dearest Martin! I’m just waking up, still in bed, checking messages, etc. on the phone. To wake up to this is …… I’m speechless! What can I say? What an incredible surprise! You have made my day!
    Of course I accept. This is way important …. I’m humbled and honored by your recognition. You have touched my heart wig your very kind words.
    THANK YOU! I will proudly display this wonderful award ion “It Is What It Is” …. THANK YOU!!
    Very tight wolf hugs!!!!


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