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Hi all.

I go to a site (basically)  everyday that has free software for you to download and “try”. The site is called giveawayoftheday (hereafter called GOTD) and it offers a fresh piece of software everyday.

How does it work.                                                                                                                             Every day at  8 am GMT (9am GMT+1, midnight for PST timezone) the new software will be posted on http://www.giveawayoftheday (you might be redirected to a localised page if your in non english countries like Germany or the Netherlands) and you will have 24 hours to download and register the software. This software is YOURS to keep and in most cases it is a lifetime license however some developers opt for a subscription based license (for example Iobit will regular give out a half year license for their Advanced System Care pro)

there are a few rules which are posted clearly on their website but I will post them here as well. 1) No free technical support; 2) No free upgrades to future versions; 3) Strictly personal usage.

Todays offering is KooRaRoo

KooRaRoo Media is a DLNA server and media organizer that allows you to stream your video, music and photo files to all DLNA devices on your home network, including TVs, BluRay players, home theater systems, audio-video receivers, games consoles, media players, tablets and smart phones. KooRaRoo has on-the-fly transcoding to automatically convert files that are not compatible with your device, based on device-specific profiles that are fined-tuned for your specific device. Also includes extensive parental controls to limit media delivered to certain devices.

Extensive organizing features include a variety of automatic and manual playlists as well as total freedom in rearranging the layout of your media library. Supports multiple video and audio streams per file as well as your preferred audio language. Allows playback of backed up DVD disks as a single movie. Supports external, embedded and burned-in subtitles. Many more features!

kooraroo-smart-playlist-large kooraroo-transcode-video-large kooraroo-main-large

You can go to the giveaway site by clicking the following link

If I find out how to do it I will place a ticker on the sidebar so you will see the daily software deal right away every day 🙂 have fun with it

p.s All software you download fro GOTD is legal software and always checked that there are no viruses, adware and/or spyware. However they use a protection program called Themidaa, this might trigger your AV software. the software hwowever is completely safe to use. If a serial is provided in the readme that comes with the zip file more often then not it can be used to register the trial download from the official website. Always keep in mind that trial software comes with bloatware like opencandy so be careful when installing and remove checkmarks to avoid aving a my conduit bar or opencandy pop ups

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