We The People?

Some people might take offence to this post. In no way it is my intention to belittle or make fun of people, this is just my opinion. The USA has always been the country I hope to at least visit and if I could make it happen live in. However I am also baffled by how ” third world” this country is in certain ways.

We The People

This is, as I understand, the starting phrase of the Constitution of the United States of America. America…. Land of the free, home of the brave…. or is it?

For a long time, I was under the impression that the USA was a two-party nation. You had either Republicans or Democrats. Some other party names I did come along like ” the wig party”  and ” Independent” but I always thought these where either just interest groups or people who didn’t want to affiliate themselves with either political party.

Today I was reading an article by Sachem Walkingfox over at Sachemspeaks in which he listed not two but no less than 13 different parties (although not all might officially be a party in the political sense of the word) and I was surprised. I asked him why, if so many people didn’t feel either of the parties representing them in a way they could approve, there had never been another party in power, if the two big parties where more into destroying each other than to look out for the people why not vote in someone from another party.

Sachem Walkingfox responded

Simple reason is that, while we were sleeping at the controls, both parties wrote in laws, still are writing then today, that effectively cut the rest of the parties out of elections!

To top that off, the millionaires and billionaires keep buying elections from those two corrupt parties in order to steal more of our hard earned tax money!

This started, I believe, when we the people allowed them to sneak in a law stating that, “if you are not register as a Democrat or Republican”, you cannot vote in a ‘Mid-term election,’ this my friend is socialist, communist at its finest, and we the people allowed them to get away with it!

I was baffled, laws that make it impossible for other parties to gain control? not voting if you are not registered for one of the two parties in charge? what the bleeping bleep?

Rich people trying to buy elections, ok, that has happened since Grumph tried to be the head caveman back in 20000BC and it shouldn’t matter in an electoral system that is democratic and fair. I see nothing wrong in trying to help your favorite politician to get elected and if you are willing to help him pay the costs to try to achieve this good for you. However, making laws that effectively block other parties from participating or that keeps people from voting if they do not register for a certain party… I agree, that smells like communism / totalitrium / dictatorship to me.

BUT, isn’t it partly not your own doing? What is “we the people” worth if “we the people” does not use it’s voice, does not demand changes in this dictatorial election process? Isn’t it up to “we the people” to go out on the streets and protest against this, go to the courts to fight this form of injustice? I do not pretend to be a scholar or to have any fundamental knowledge of your constitution and laws but if I read the start of this constitution it seems clear to me that it is very unconstitutional after all, if you cannot choose whom you want to choose as your representative, what then is left of this freedom, where are the ” blessings of liberty” What remains left of Justice and how can you still call it ” a perfect union”

There is also the Bill of Rights and this one I hear often used to defend certain rights but I hear loud howls when it comes down to gun rights and when it comes down to deny people rights in favor of certain religious groups that don’t want people to have that right but what is left of this freedom of speech when you don’t have that freedom in maybe the most important task a citizen has to do for his country.. voting for your government.

Voting, one of those other issues I hear a lot about and although I am a socialist at heart I have to agree with the Republicans here, you want to vote you should be able to show identification HOWEVER if you want to implement this restriction it is up to the government to make SURE that everybody is able to GET a valid ID and I am led to believe that this ain’t that simple but I never hear those same Republicans address THAT issue.

If ” we the people”  truly want change then it is up to ” we the people” to ACT, to go to “your representative” and demand that other parties should be able to take part, to demand the removal of needing to register for the two grand parties, to demand a way that EVERYBODY regardless of his “situation” or income or social group can have access to a valid ID, to demand that being a citizen of the USA should be registration enough to be a valid voter.

and remember, not voting does NOT exist, you either vote by voting or you vote by absentia but remember that the last method of voting means you give your vote to the winner by default. Only YOU, the people of the USA can demand change.

I know.. I am just a dumb Dutchy that has no understanding of the ” American way” but if that would be the way things where done here in the Netherlands I know their would be a revolt, people would stand on the barricades to DEMAND that their constitutional rights where granted. If you are offended by this piece or if you agree doesn’t make much difference, feel free to say whatever you think of this article I will not cut the comment (or if needed to approve I will approve unless it’s spam for penile enlargement and crap like that)

Sleepless in Seat…uh…Utrecht


Past week I have been “sleepless”. That is to say, during night time. I am tossing and turning and when it get’s light outside I finally fall asleep. This is a “condition” I have had for many years due to my homelessness and frankly I thought it had subsided the last years.

However with how things are going in the world recently I keep worrying about all the things I see in the papers and on the news. Also the interwebs is full of this crap. Isis, Ebola, Police brutality. Young kids that get shot dead, planes that get shot down, Gay and Homeless people that get abused, mistreated, criminalised. Hate mongering and child abusing priests, Imams and Rabi’s. Terrorists in all religions heck there are even Nazi Budhist monks NAZI BUDHIST FRIKKING MONKS WTF.

And than there is the political situation in my own country where the centre right government is trying to demolish our social security system, is breaking down healthcare, is destroying the elderly and “weak” groups n society. yes I am talking about Holland, not even about America because there it is even worse political speaking and NO that ain’t to be blamed on Obama (imho) but on both parties overthere that are desperately trying to destroy eachother leaving the “not so rich” Americans, children, elderly and immigrants to pay the price.

Are they all frigging BONKERS, have they lost their marbles? What the fook is wrong with these people. Aren’t we all flesh and blood? Don’t we all love our family and friends and want the best for them? Since when did this world became a world of “I, I, I and the rest can die” (free translation of the Dutch ‘Ikke Ikke Ikke en de rest kan stikke”, or “I, I, I and the rest can choke” but that doesn’t rhyme)

Is it me? or are the only people capable of understanding, empathy and love those that are the victims here the most. The LGBT community, the homeless, the hard working lower and middle class, the children and grandparrents, the sick and weak.

It used to be people like artists and sport icons that where an inspiration but now even those people are making an ass of themselves on a more than regular basis, just look at the NHL where in the past 14 years over 600 arrests by the police have been taking place for crimes ranging from petty theft to child abuse, a disabled runner that shoots his girlfirend, people like Lance Armstrong and his “brethren” that rather dope up than win fair.

I remember laughing when my granddad said “in the early days everything was better” and although that might not have been entirely true I certainly can see now where he came from. Yes, we have better healthcare (if you can get it), better food (if you can get it and it isn’t GMO) Better laws (if you live in the right state/country) higher live expectancy (provided you don’t live in the Middle East or Africa) but have we grown as human race?

It is not all bad though. For example, since I have started with blogging I made some amazing friends Like Horty and Patty (most notable), seen some amazing, compasionate, loving bloggers like petrel41 and even today Emy Will. I have seen people that care about what happends even if their tone is sometimes somewhat agressive like Scorpion, John and Guiseppe. People that try to teach like Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox). So I hav still hope and fate that “the forces of kindness” (oh, right let’s not forget Mike and Christi) will prevail and therefor I will stay upbeat, loving, trusting and caring. It is people like you all that are needed to keep this world sane, loving and giving. I know that as long as people like you are around the forces of evil will never truly win

Free advanced System Care Ultimate and Ashampoo Snap 7

Although I don’t write often about software I had to do it today since I discovered two little gems on the net today. These programs are part of my essential toolkit on the pc, I simply can’t do without them and today at least they are completely free of charge.

First the most worhtwhile one. Advance System Care 7 Ultimate:

Advance System Care by Iobit is a system maintenance program that allows you to maintain and secure your pc. It comes as a suite packed with functions, mst as part of ASC others as additional free download


Above you see the Antivirus screen. The antivirus is intergrated into the Ultimate version, besides definition updates no other downloads are needed. Keep in mind that Iobit is a newbe in the AV industry and that they use the bitdefender engine. I always use it as secondary AV because of that although is as good as MSE or AVG.


Next is the one click care page. All items are again intergrated within the suite. I would recommend though that the last 4 options are not used every time and if you have a SSD instead of the older HDD you don’t need to defrag at all.


The toolbox. Now here some explanation is needed.

  1. Iobit Uninstaller: This is an extra download, However the program you download is 100% free. It will make sure that there is nothing left from a program after you uninstall it. Some programs can leave a lot of rubbish behind after it has been removed and this takes care of that rubbish. You can also download and use this program without ASC, you can find it at http://www.iobit.com/advanceduninstaller.php
  2. GameBooster: This is an extra download and as the name says it is for gamers that want to have the full power of their system when gaming. Again also for use without ASC and completely free, find it at http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.php
  3. Driver Booster: This is an extra download for a program that checks your drivers if they are still up to date. This comes in both a freeware and a pro version. Be carefull when updating drivers, only update if you have problems with the old ones or if you are told so by a computer expert. for differences between free and pro and download location if you want to use it without ASC check http://www.iobit.com/driver-booster.php the pro version will set you back $22,95 for 1 year/3 pc’s
  4. Malware Fighter: Although there is already a malware fighter inside ASC (which is basically the free version of Malware Fighter) there is an extra Pro version which has a broader search range and better protection. Again you can download the pro version and compare it with the free version at http://www.iobit.com/malware-fighter.php and the program is also usable outside ASC
  5. Start Menu 8: an extra download (or outside ASC) which gives you a program that brings the start button (windows 7 style) back into windows 8. It is 100% free and can also be found at http://www.iobit.com/iobitstartmenu8.php.
  6. Iobit Unlocker, ManageMyMobile and protected folder are also available as free download through http://www.iobit.com and 100% free

You will find a few extra programs at the iobit site, they have an ASC for Mobile devices (Advanced Mobile Care) but only for android, they have an ASC for Mac called Macbooster, a random password generator (Although I think nothing beats LastPass ) and a smaller gamebooster called Game Assistant 2 which I will not link because it is inferior to Gamebooster.

As you can see in the screenshots there are two extra tabs. The Turbo Boost tab is basically a kind of gamebooster which you can configure for work mode and game mode basically giving you two sets of boost options depending on what you want to use it for. The last Tab is Action Center and it is nothing more or less than a place where they can present you with discounts on their pro versions of Malware Fighter and Driver Booster. However buying it from within ASC can give you a large discount ($3,99 for Driver Booster or Malware fighter ) And it can happen that you will get a pop up once in a while with iobit program advertising. These pop ups are rare and easy to dismiss.

Now, you have seen the screenshots right, they have been made with Ashampoo Snap 7

Ashampoo is a German company that brings a carload of programs from multimedia (players, burners, editors) to maintenance, an office suite, CAD software etc. However the program I really like is Snap 7, a screen capture utility with many edit option. You can make screenshots like above but you can also make screen videos like this one

Above video was made with Snap 7 and if you are gonna use this offer you might want to take a look at it. Ashampoo is notorious for their many emails, by many called Spam. However.. when you install any of their software you will give permission for that. Following above video will show you how to get rid of them right away ;)

You can find the freebie offer at http://www.donotcrack.com/2014/10/free-ashampoo-snap-7.html

I would say…Enjoy




When I was browsing some of my favorite blogs I came across this picture of two kids looking at a book that was on the ground. They wonder where “the batteries go” It made me think back to when I was a little kid. I was a big fan of reading and was devouring every book I could lay my little hands on and believe me if I tell you that it wasn’t just children’s books and comics I was reading. Countless travels I have made in my mind, Islands, planets and mountains, none of them I had visited in real life but I knew every inch of Paris before I ever had set foot in that town. Never been to space but the restaurant at the end of the universe I visited almost daily. One day I would be a pirate, the next day a private detective or spy and another day I would be an Indian (yeah yeah… Native American, I know but as a child I didn’t make that subtle difference)

I especially was fond of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Robert A. Heinlein (Number of the beast being my favorite) and of course Isaac Asimov had a prominent place on my night stand, reading till deep in the night and Douglas Adams masterpiece “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy with on the cover “DON’T PANIC “in bright yellow (yes that is the complete title of the first book) was I have been reading over and over again. Especially the fact that it was a trilogy in 5 parts (which makes it a pentalogy) ticked my boxes. I so wished I could lay my hands on a babelfish (yes the program is named after a fish in a sci-fi book) and be able to talk and listen to everyone in the Universe.

These book made me laugh and cry, they made me think and above all, they made me use my imagination. How a restaurant would look if it was on the edge of the universe, heck, how would the edge of the universe look? And of course the same thing happened with other books. My view of how Native Americans lived was basically taken from books like Winnetou and old Shaterhand (Carl May). Before I had seen the Giant Squid on television I already knew it from twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea. Speaking of Verne, I was sure that going to the center of the earth was possible and I have been digging a few times to see how far I could go, disappointed every time that I was exhausted after a meter or 3.

Then the movies came and I could see my stories on the big screen. What a dissolution that was. Nothing looked like how I imagined it and some stories got ruined for me for a long time. THHGTTU for example, what a pile of steaming bleep did they make of that one. Zaphod looked nothing like I had imagined him and I quickly realized then and there that movies where just a mindless timewaster. No own imagination was involved, everything was already chewed and spit out for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie as much as the next person but when it comes to movies based on books I can’t help but comparing it to my own movieinmyhead and the last one always wins. LOTR for example is a great movie trilogy but I do miss the little extra’s you read in the books. Biggest example is probably the end when Frodo and Co get back to the Shire. In the movie they just get back and a little while later Frodo and Gandalf and the elves go to “another place”. In the book however Frodo and Co get home only to discover the Shire is overrun by thugs. Bad asses that they have become they kick the lot out of town and I can tell you that this was a particular scene I was waiting for the entire trilogy, no kidding, AND THEY LEFT IT OUT AAAAAARGH.

Books are great and I still like to read them once in a while and it still is making me travel to places I never thought I see. Currently I am busy with the Dragan Duma trilogy by Patty van Delft. Ok one is published, the second part is in proofreading stages (and I am one of the lucky proof readers) and I guess part three is in the making, if not on paper then at least in Patty’s mind. I know you all like to read, after all you made it this far so be smart, pick up a book sometimes and read. Be smarter and pick up a book and read it to your children and/or grandchildren. Help them develop their imagination, have them eating at the restaurant at the edge of the Universe. Have them battle dragons, have them sail the seven seas. They will grow up not only with imagination but, provided you pick the right books” with passion, understanding, empathy and respect. Reading is awesome, don’t let books disappear

I missed you….. oh and I made something new

I missed you…. and you, and you too, and even you…yes…you. 

As you might have seen I have been away for a while and posted hardly anything until my recent “dark postings” on the 7th. These postings were written as sort of closure for the last few months. 

I was feeling depressed, severely, and that doesn’t happen to me often and since I am not one to show my “negative” emotions in public (or even to friends and loved ones) I had to deal with it on my own. Heck for the longest time even my wife didn’t know.

As I am a positive and happy person in general and I have no problem with giving my love to people, depressions are inevitable to balance my life, get rid of things that got piling up and free myself from this negativity that was building up. I have been there before and it was due so to say.

When I was a kid, I got these depressions once every two or three years and they lasted for two or three weeks. However since the last 15 years (amazingly enough the number of years I have been married so far :) ) I hadn’t had one. So it was not surprising that my last one has been a long one.

Is it over? Not sure, I thought it was over like 2 weeks ago and it came back with a vengeance, but for now I feel good

Although I have had this episode I have not been sitting on my hands. Ihave been busy on the net creating my own “business” which is a website maintenance and pc support thingy especially for those with a tiny wallet. Non profit organisations can hire me for cheap to have me set up and maintain a website for them. Private people can hire me for cheap to maintain their computer system for them if they are unable to do that themselves for whatever reason. However for those that just don’t know how but are smart enough to learn (and willing) they can get all that info (and soon tutorials) for free on my website and I work mainly with freeware although some programs also have pro versions like Advanced System Care for example.. And finally I offer live chat support for general questions and quick fix solutions if applicable but that is more as extra service “when I have the time for it”  The site is in Dutch but has Google site translate intergrated and the free help sections might have their own English version soon as well. I can’t of course give physical hands on solutions to everyone but I can give advice and help online to everyone in need that is capable of speaking English or Dutch of course :D. If you are interested in taking a look you are welcome to do so at Wolfden Media

So Yeah, I have been busy also which I think will have helped a bit getting rid of this depression as well and because of that I can honestly say the following


In Memoriam: Jeen van den Berg, Ice skating legend

Today we mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Jeen van den Berg

Jeen van den Berg (8 January 1928 – 8 October 2014) was a Dutch speed skater primarily known as the winner of the Elfstedentocht of 1954. He rode the race a record seven times, his first in 1947 and his final race in 1997.

On 3 February 1954, van den Berg finished the race in a record 7 hours and 35 minutes, a record bettered by Evert van Benthem only 31 years later. He came third in the infamous 1963 race.

In 1973 he became the first Dutch marathon skate champion. As a long-track speed skater, Van den Berg took part at the 1956 and 1960 Winter Olympics. In 1956 he finished 24th at the 5000 meters and in 1960 he ended 19th at the 5000 and 22nd at the 1500 meters.

Jeen has accumulated over a thousand throphees  during his skating career and was the first official Marathon skating Champion, he was already 44 by then. He said goodbye to the ice skating world in 2000 as official during the Dutch skating Championships. He was honorary citizen of Herenveen and Knight in the order of Oranje Nassau. He was also called Mr Thialf (Thialf is probably the best and most famous ice skating ring in the world)

Jeen was a teacher by proffesion and was married to Atty van den Berg. He suffered a brain haemorrhage and died in a nursery home

May he rest in peace, he will be missed